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Seller of Dreams

So, one of my dreams has always been to write a story that fulfilled the very murky outlines of Emily of New Moon’s Seller of Dreams. Once, many years ago, I wrote a poem based upon the story I wanted to write. There is no question it needs revising, but I ran into it today, so here it is.

Seller of Dreams

Upon this shore there sits one waiting,
waiting for what may never come,
for upon this shore there is a story;
a legend of a man now long gone.

There was once a seller,
A seller of dreams for you.
He sold them on this beach,
back and forth he put his shoe.

“A dream of love, a dream of peace,”
“A dream for me, A dream for you,
He chanted on and on.
“A dream with the past woven through.”

“Who has time for dreams?”
The townsfolk asked
“Dreams only disappear.”
They turned away and laughed

So instead he talked to children,
And in exchange for a listening ear,
He gave them dreams and tales,
told of futures they might hope or fear.

And love filled their young hearts.
As ambitions filled their lives.
A dream of joy would make them glad
A dream of sorrow pierce like knives

But it all shaped them well,
And fulfillers of dreams they grew to be,
living out their lives,
Proving themselves faithfully.

“A dream of despair, a dream of hope,
A dream of romance, A dream of peace,
The key to a broken heart,
Yes, I am a seller of these.”

And the seller of dreams,
though he couldn’t stay,
His shoe left a lasting mark,
As his tales live on even today.

One thought on “Seller of Dreams

  1. Ha, I ripped off from Emily’s “Seller of Dreams” idea to write a short story for class when I was in middle school.


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