Just for fun

Phantom Riders

Looking through my old writings, I happened upon this extremely rough poem I jotted down a few years ago. But I thought you might enjoy it anyway.


Far and away
many years ago
there were strange ghosts
in an old, old bay.

Phantom Riders named
for their eery flight
over the waters
and under the dusk

Late at night
or early morn
one never knew
when they might come

across the street
the trees, the beach
but when they did
they’d leave no trace

A flash in front
a glow behind
those fierce blue eyes
and bony hands

The children would shiver
within their sleep
hoping the doors
were securely tight

For oft it’d been told
And oft believed
that those unlocked
were open to the night

The phantom riders
in would glide
and choose one member
of the house that night

Whether it be child
or whether it be man
They’d choose for themselves
one for their kind

And that individual
a ghost he would be
A phantom rider
For all eternity

-J. A. VanZandt

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