About the Finding Hope series

Old Fashioned Romance in a Contemporary World.

Drawn Into Love: Unlike most women in their mid-twenties, farmgirl Josie has no desire to leave her home, especially for a musty studio apartment. But to save her mother, she’ll take that low-paid job in Boston. Of course, falling for her new company’s richest client was not part of the plan, and her office nemesis intends to keep it that way even if she has to get Josie fired to do so. But will Josie be able to keep everything strictly business when Keith gets snowed in at her farm over Christmas?

Status: Currently querying agents

Escaping to Love: Andrea Donham has been told from birth that her only job is to marry well and ensure her family’s future in New York Society. When she reconnects with the first boy she ever kissed, now an unemployed adventurer who actually makes her laugh, will she risk her inheritance to finally live her life?

Status: Drafted. Waiting for editing.

Growing in Love: Lynette Woods has proven herself in a society world she doesn’t belong to, until the day she finds out she’s pregnant and everyone around her, including the baby’s father, casts her aside. Left with no place to go but to a crippled aunt in a tiny town in Western New York, she is consumed with bitterness. When a jovial gardener begins to break down her walls, will she finally face the consequences of her decisions and learn the true meaning of love and hope?

Status: Drafted. Waiting for editing.