About Drawn Into Love

Old Fashioned Romance in a Contemporary World.

Jocelyn Grant is a farmgirl struggling through a low-paying job in the big city to pay for her mother’s cancer treatments. She falls head over heels for Keith Richardson after he hits her with his car, but numerous obstacles stand in their way, not the least of which is the possibility of losing her job if she were to pursue anything with him. Meanwhile, her mother’s medical treatments are becoming increasingly unaffordable and she needs to find a way to make ends meet while navigating the tense environment in the office. As Keith and Josie fight their attraction to each other and stumble their way through humorously awkward situations, including her mother trying to set them up when they get snowed in together at her house, Josie must learn to face the tragedies in her past and to stand up for herself, while Keith figures out what’s actually important in his life.

Next Steps
  • Currently querying agents on a regular basis